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Project Manager / Game Designer



Pontus Joneström

I am a Project Manager and Game Designer based in Stockholm, with a passion for creating engaging and memorable experiences.

Previously I have worked many years at Gröna Lund, the amusement park in Stockholm, as Operations Manager for the rides, Haunted House Production Manager and Content Creator. Transitioning from the theme park industry to the games industry turned out to be more natural than expected. Both industries are fast-paced and iterative, the theme park industry thanks to its seasonal character.

Designing haunted houses is also quite similar to designing levels. Both require us to create engaging experiences, while retaining a sense of agency.

Creativity and organization are probably the words that best describe me and the way I work. I believe creativity is important not only for creating games or movies, but for all processes. This view has helped me propel projects forward in my professional career. But every project needs organization and good planning, to make sure it can finish on time and deliver what was promised.


My leadership philosophy is all about trust. As a leader, my job is to provide the best tools and instructions, not the solution. If you trust the people to find the solution, they will. I am also a firm believer in giving an abundance of positive feedback. People who feel good about their work will do great work.

I love games and adventure. When I am not playing a new exciting narrative driven game, RPG or hyped indie, I also enjoy going out on my humble little sailboat.

Portrait of Pontus Joneström
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