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Hi-Bit Studios

Internship at Hi-Bit Studios working as a level designer.

Period: March 2022 - Sept 2022

What I did

As the game is currently unannounced I can't go into details, but in general my work consisted of:

  • Paper prototyping

  • Implementing concepts in engine

  • Playtesting and giving feedback on previously created levels

    • Implementing said feedback

  • Participating in game design meetings and contributing ideas​


"Pontus is a highly talented level designer, with excellent practical skills and a creative mind. He is actively participating in discussions and is easy to collaborate with, both when the designs are his own and when working on other designers creations. He is also good at meeting deadlines and following the structure and milestone plan of the project."

- Tobias Bjarneby, Producer at Hi-Bit Studios


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