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Operations Manager

As Operation Manager I was responsible for management of the park's 31 rides and immediate supervisor to 6 teamleaders. I was also responsible for recruitment, employee training and planning. Another big responsibility was keeping track of ride statistics and capacity.

Period: Oct 2016 -  Oct 2020

Company: Gröna Lund

My roles: Operations Manager


"I was immediate supervisor to Pontus when he worked as Operations Manager at Gröna Lund, which was a pleasure. Pontus is sympathetic, responsive and easy to collaborate with. He is structured, learns quickly and easily adapted to his role as Manager. He is innovative and often came up with suggestions and improvements that was of great value to the company. During his years as leader he grew further. He is a committed and inspiring leader and quickly won the confidence of his workers and colleagues. He was always positive and spread joy to those around him. He was very well liked by his colleagues and will be missed as he is now looking for new opportunities and challenges."

- Johan Lindgren, Group Leader at Gröna Lund


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